Bug 2252 - contentboxes UDP socket leak
: contentboxes UDP socket leak
: Roxen WebServer
Admin Interface
: 2.2
: x86 Linux
: P3 (normal) normal
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Reported: 2001-09-11 09:37 CET by
Modified: 2001-10-18 13:39 CET (History)
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Description From 2001-09-11 09:37:23 CET
when the contentboxes can not reach their server they open
endless amounts of UDP sockets and never close them,
causing the system to eventually run out of filedescriptors
making all further operation impossible and forcing a hard shutdown.

you can test this by making all content boxes active and
disconnecting the machine from the net before they are loaded.
------- Comment #1 From 2001-09-18 01:33:51 CET -------
They don't use UDP, though, so I assume the leak is in gethostbyname().
------- Comment #2 From 2001-10-05 16:35:40 CET -------
Added support for running roxen without network connections in CVS.

Start roxen with the --offline argument to disable all attempts to communicate
over the internet.
------- Comment #3 From 2001-10-18 12:16:38 CET -------
Attaching comment from Martin Bähr:

which bug is this fixing?
there is no need for an option to run roxen offline.
it does so happily on linux and presumably other systems,
except MacOSX. however a few lines need to be fixed to make
that work there as well. (but as i don't have access to OSX
i can't produce a patch at the moment.

as far as the fd-leak problem is concerned.
an offline switch does NOT solve it.
the fds will leak everytime the networkconnection
is out of order, which usually is not intentional, (router down or other)
which means roxen will not have been started to run offline.

greetings, martin.


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